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Extracting Data From Facebook

Social Media is growing tremendously and every one is interested in analyzing the social media. Facebook holds a major share of the globes social data. The numbers of users are increasing tremendously...

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Cassandra Basics

Apache Cassandra Apache Casandra is a opne source database engine which powers twitter and other major sites which handles huge volumne of data. Cassandra is one of the leading Opensource Big Data...

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Extracting Data From Twitter

Extracting data from Twitter Twitter data can be extracted as JSON feed and can be used as the source for any BI process. Twitter provides a JSON end points which allows users to specify different...

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Installing Cassandra On Windows

Installation of cassandra on windows is a very simple task. Download the cassandra server from this location (Cassandra Download) Extract the ZIP file (This is tar.gz, so for extracting the tarball...

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Talend Tutorial: Getting Started

Lets learn the Talend Open Studio by creating a simple job. Lets take a simple requirement as mentioned below, Compute Total Job We need to read data from a mark sheet file and we need to compute the...

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